Why Strong Relationship with PGM Refineries Matter

How can you leverage our robust relationship with PGM refineries for the best catalytic recycling outcome?

As a leading processor of spent catalytic converters, we have established and maintained strong relationships with PGM refineries around the world. Our tight-knit relationship with these refineries can ensure that our customers get the best recycling outcome. Here’s how:

Optimized Processing: Our partner refineries will often prioritize and streamline the processing of our materials. This ensures that catalytic converters are efficiently processed for maximum recovery of precious metals.

Better Terms: A close relationship often leads to more favourable terms and pricing structures, which we will extend to our loyal customers.

Quality Assurance: With a trusted relationship, refineries provide more transparent assay results, ensuring that our customers are accurately compensated for the metals recovered. They are also more willing to share their assay methodology so that our results consistently match theirs and our customers get the best outcome.

Knowledge Sharing: Our partner refineries provide insights into market trends, new recycling and assay techniques, and other industry-specific knowledge, helping us and our customers to make informed decisions.

Risk Management: Our partner refineries in Asia provide guidance on hedging strategies, helping us navigate the volatile PGM market and reduce potential financial risks for our customers.

Our strong relationship with PGM refineries not only ensures better financial outcomes but also promotes sustainable, efficient, and transparent recycling practices, which are critical in the ever-evolving landscape of catalytic converter recycling. Choose us, and experience the transformative power of collaboration! Whatsapp +65 8102 5860 to discuss how we can start a win-win partnership.