Our Social & Environmental Commitment

Sustainability is at the very heart of our business. BR Metals recovers PGM like Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium from end-of-life catalytic converters and other precious metals scrap, and return them to the circular economy. We provide industries with high-demand, finite resources without any detrimental impact on the environment or communities while helping to conserve these resources for future generations.

This is in line with our mission to build an ecological responsible precious metals recycling business that delivers outstanding value to our customers, partner and stakeholders while ensuring the highest levels of integrity and transparency in every aspect of our operations.  In short, we are committed to conducting our business in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.

Making A Difference
Through Education

Going beyond our commitment to sustainability, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education to improve lives and turn communities into sustainable, productive and profitable places with improved living standards. Hence, our social initiatives are focused on providing or sponsoring education opportunities to make a positive difference to our community.

The BR Metals Scholarship targets Singaporean students from low income families enrolled in SIT Chemical Engineering Bachelor Degree, and is valued at an aggregate of S$30,000 for a period of four years.

(From left to right: Frank Chen (Founder & MD, BR Metals), Assoc Prof Lim Kok Hwa (SIT Chemical Engineering and Food Technology Programme Director) and Steve Phoon (Financial Controller, BR Metals)

BR Metals Scholarships

BR Metals works with tertiary institutions in Singapore to offer the following scholarships to outstanding undergraduates with a strong record of academic and co-curricular achievements.

1.SIT BR Metals Scholarship for the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Chemical Engineering

This scholarship targets Singaporean students from disadvantaged backgrounds with a strong record of academic and co-curricular achievements. We hope this scholarship will open up more opportunities for these young Singaporeans to get ahead in lives, especially for those who have overcome seemingly impossible odds. For more information about the BR Metals Scholarship, visit https://www.singaporetech.edu.sg/br-metals-scholarship

2.SMU BR Metals Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to outstanding undergraduates at the University who have chosen Sustainability offered by the Lee Kong Chian School of Business as a second major. Through this scholarship, we help to groom the next generation of business leaders who will help take sustainability in a new direction. For more details or to apply to this scholarship, visit https://admissions.smu.edu.sg/financial-matters/financial-aid/BR_Metals_Scholarship

Book Donation to Public Libraries

BR Metals Guangzhou regularly donates books and journals about current environmental issues, urban mining and conservation to public libraries in the city where we operate. We are hopeful our book donations will raise awareness and inspire actions to save our planet for future generations.

The Bringing Quality Education to Underprivileged Children in Rural Laos

We believe education plays a vital role in inclusive growth and equitable development, especially in developing countries. We support the education of underprivileged children by partnering with Singapore-based AZK Business Consultants and the Phongsavanh Foundation to build a school in rural Laos. Once opened, the school will provide free quality primary education and meals to for children from low-income families in one of the most improvised districts in Laos.

Making Our
Community a Better Place

BR Metals spearheads and participates in a number of green initiatives and community involvement activities to strengthen our relationships with local governments, residents and community partners. These include:


As part of our environmental stewardship programme, we motivate and mobilise our staff in Guangzhou to participate in regular tree planting exercises to prevent soil erosion, rehabilitate local fora and fauna and spruce up the affected areas.To date, our staff has planted close to 100 trees over 5 years and played a part in rehabilitating 3 rivers in the Guangdong province.

Environmental Remediation

Our staff regularly takes part in the clean-up and rehabilitation of rivers, ponds and parklands in Guangdong. Together with our community partners, we clean up rubbish and plant trees along riverbanks to prevent soil erosion and provide shade to visitors.

Lending a Helping Help to the Less Fortunate

The Singapore office makes a monthly contribution to Club-100 @ North West, and takes part in most outreach activities organised by the Club and Northwest Community Development Council (CDC). Our contribution is helping more than 1300 needy families in Singapore’s Northwest district. We are honoured to play a part in helping the less fortunate in our community, and help our CDC to foster a caring and healthy North West community.