Asia’s Largest Processors of End-of-Life Catalytic Converters

BR Metals is an industry-leading specialist in the recycling of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) and one of Asia’s largest processors of end-of-life catalytic converters, an emission-control device found in both gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Founded in 2009 to provide a sustainable and efficient alternative to deep-earth mining, the company now recovers 80,000 troy ounces of PGM annually from spent materials like catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters (DPF), spark plugs, oxygen sensors, industrial catalysts and automotive electronic control units and returns it to the circular economy.


Committed to Sustainability
Dedicated to Your Growth

Our commitment to sustainability is only matched by our dedication to maximize returns for our customers in an increasingly volatile industry where even the smallest increase in the percentage of PGM recovered can make a big difference in their profit margins.

Hence, we continuously invest in state-of-the-art technology and in improving our sampling system to ensure precious metals are extracted with greater efficiency, higher recovery rates and faster turnaround. Since the type and quality of sampled materials differ for every consignment, we will always select the most suitable refinery that provides the best recycling rates and financial outcome.

Fuss-Free Recycling Experience

We also go the extra mile to make selling and recycling your scrap a fuss-free experience. For every stage of your transaction, from preparing a customised offer that is aligned with your business goals, to transportation, cutting and sampling, through to the analysis and trading of the recovered metals, we have all the expertise in-house and will ensure all your needs are met in a timely manner.

To meet changing market dynamics, we are extending our focus beyond catalytic converter recycling and expanding our service offerings to include precious metals trading and the recycling of other materials.

Our goal is to create sustainable value for customers and the environment.

As a leader in platinum group metals recovery, BR Metals strives to set high standards as a trusted partner and environmental vanguard that provides responsive services whilst observing all environmental, health and safety regulations.


We are an environmentally responsible organisation that is committed to the utmost in integrity, attention to detail and meeting the growth needs of our customers.


To be the trusted leader in the sustainable recycling and recovery of earth’s renewable resource.

Our CARE Value Proposition

BR Metals is committed to contribute to our customers’ growth through flexible arrangement, fair and transparent trading. To deliver superior client experience, we build a strong culture based on our CARE value system:

Customer Driven

We seek to understand and excel in meeting customers’ need.


We are professional and take responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction without compromising the environment, ethics and the safety of our staff.


We are proactive in problem-solving and creating value for clients and stakeholders.


We strive for high performance in our work and services.

Our Certifications

Despite higher operating costs, our facilities in Singapore and Guangzhou are ISO 14001: 2015 certified. We have set up systems and processes according to the stringent guidelines for continuous improvement in our operations, and proactively implement cleaner and more efficient technologies for the recycling and assaying of scrap materials.

Ensuring A Safe and
Healthy Workplace Environment

We are also committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace environment for all our staff. Our processing facility in Singapore is certified bizSAFE level 3 by the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council.

To achieve this certification, our company submitted our Risk Management (RM) Plan for assessment and audit to an independent WSH auditor from an Auditing Organisation (AO) that is recognised by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC). The process ensured that our RM Plan is comprehensive and addresses all workplace health and safety risks. We are proud of our accident-free record since the implementation of the Plan.