Our Recycling Models

Here at BR Metals, we understand that each customer is unique. Hence, we offer 2 distinct recycling models for used catalytic converters – direct purchase (Model A) and value-based settlement options (Model B) – with the one objective of meeting your specific growth needs. We can also customize a solution that addresses particular concerns you may have with the recycling and recovery process.

Taking Ownership of
Our Customers Growth

Sampling and analysis are performed at our own facilities and state-of-the-art laboratories in both Guangzhou with the strictest attention to accuracy, transparency and fast turnaround. With our in-house sampling and assay capabilities, we have analysed and compiled more than 14,000 catalytic converters of different makes and models into a catalogue with Platinum Group Metals (PGM) breakdown and live prices. We continue to update our catalytic converters database with new entries monthly so that our sales team can provide customers with the most up-to-date information like prices and PGM composition at their finger-tips.

We believe in taking ownership of our customers’ growth. That’s why we provide value-add services like technical support for processing and XRF assay, financial assistance and hedging of metals to minimise the risk of price fluctuations, which in turn help customers improve their cash flow and increase their buying capacity. All in all, we will do whatever it takes to make selling used catalytic converters and other precious metal scraps a fuss and stress-free experience, every time.

We are now extending the same level of service and commitment to deliver the best possible business outcome and returns for our customers to our e-waste recycling customers.  

Model A

Direct Purchase

With Direct Purchase (Model A), all you have to do is to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment. Our sales staff will work closely with you to fix a convenient time for the collection of your used catalyst scraps. Thereafter, our experienced team of purchasers will visit your specified location to grade the materials. A preliminary analysis is done on the spot with our portable XRF machine. Prices will be negotiated and payment made thereafter. Our team will arrange for the transportation of materials back to our facility and issue all the necessary documentation.

For now, our collection service is only available for customers in Asia (excluding India). If we are unable to pick up at your location, we can connect you with the right scrap converters buyers and DPF buyers in our worldwide network.


On Site Inspection

On-Site Inspection



Price Negotiation

Price Negotiation

Immediate Payment

Instant Payment

Inbound Logistics

Inbound Logistics


Instant Payment

No Logistics Expenses


Lower Prices to Cover Buyer’s Processing, Logistics & Traveling Prices

Delay in Collection Due to COVID-19 Travel Ban






Hong Kong















Reunion Island









New Zealand

Model B

Value-Based Settlements

For value-based settlements, getting an accurate price assessment of your catalytic converter scraps is critical. As a leading exponent of precious metals recycling, BR Metals has the breath of capabilities and depth of experience to efficiently process your used catalytic converters as well as manage the entire sampling and analysis processes with utmost transparency.

Given the volatile prices of Platinum Group Metals (PGM), every single ounce of ceramic powder counts. Our sampling system is designed with 2 patented components to reduce material loss from leakage and human errors. Every step of our sampling process from de-canning of catalytic converters to milling and homogenisation is measured and fully documented and can be reproduced at any time.

Our laboratory only uses top-of-the-range equipment and proven technology to determine the precious metal content of your materials. Our team of chemists and technicians are adept at performing a wide range of precision analyses including X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), wet chemical analysis using ICP-OES and analyses to assess carbon and moisture.

You can rest assured that our Purchasing and Hedging teams will thoroughly research and watch the fluctuating catalytic converter recycling values to ensure you get the best possible returns. 

We now offer 2 options for Model B

Fast Track Settlement

• Ideal for smaller lot from 200 kg to 500 kg of ceramic ash or at least 600 pieces of uncut catalytic converters

• Sample preparation takes up to 3 days for ceramic powder

• In-house XRF analysis using Niton XRF Spectrometer Analyzer known for accuracy and reliability

• Full payment within 3 days after XRF analysis

Payment Upon Analysis

• Recommended for bigger lots of 500 kg of ceramic ash & above

• In-house XRF and then ICP analyses to determined PGM content

• 80% advanced payment made upon XRF analysis

• Final settlement based on ICP assay result

• We can hedge the Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium recovered from your material

• Most long-time customers reported at least a 10% increase in profit compared to Direct Purchase (Model A)