Spent Industrial & Petrochemical Catalyst

Across diverse vital industries such as the petroleum refining industry and oil refining industry, to name a few, spent industrial catalyst and petrochemical catalyst are often discarded as solid wastes and buried in landfills. There is also a notable increase in unethical disposal of the spent industrial or petrochemical catalyst across the globe. Due to the negligence of a few players, tons of hazardous wastes were generated from these spent catalysts, leading to irrevocable environmental and economic damage. As such, we highly advocate for spent industrial catalyst recycling. What’s more, at BR Metals, we work closely with our trusted refining partners to provide highly competitive returns for the refining of these materials, which can bring about substantial differences to your profit margins. At the same time, we also ensure full environmental compliance with the Basel Convention. We are committed to environmental protection as we strive to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Professionally Processed, Sampled And Analysed-min

Professionally Processed, Sampled and Analysed

Industrial catalyst and petrochemical catalyst are used in the manufacturing of fertilisers, nylon, ethanol, pharmaceutical products, high-grade gasoline and more. Both catalysts can be professionally processed, sampled and analysed at our facilities. Through the investment in state-of-the-art technology and precise sampling systems, our team at BR Metals are geared with the necessary expertise and equipment to provide you with the best recycling rates and financial outcome.


BR Metals is driven to enhance and enrich your business – through flexibility, fairness and transparency. From our customised solution to transportation, processing, sampling and analysing, trust us when we say that our team will go above and beyond to make selling and recycling a positive experience for your business.

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