Spent Catalytic Converter Recycling With BR Metals

Apart from our full-service approach to scrap catalytic converters (skubai) recycling, our service differentiation has enabled us to develop a competitive edge in the industry.

When you collaborate with BR Metals for spent catalytic converters (skubai) recycling, you can be assured that you are working with an industry leader that’s committed to your growth. Besides competitive prices or returns, you can expect platinum-class customer care and a range of services that make the recycling of your catalytic converters (skubai) scrap stress-free and rewarding. In other words, we make the process of recycling catalytic converters a seamless one.

If you are wondering, “where can I sell Skubai in Malaysia?” – give BR Metals a chance to serve you with utmost professionalism and one-stop hassle-free service!

Automotive Catalytic Converter (Skubai) Recycling and More

Fast and Fuss-Free

Have catalytic converters (skubai) for sale? Although we process, recycle and recover precious metals from an array of scrap materials, our core competency is in the recovery of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) from end-of-life catalytic converters (skubai) and diesel particulate filters. From logistics, sampling, and analysis, to warehousing, shipping, the refinery and final settlement, our customers can expect nothing short of a fast and fuss-free service when it comes to scrap skubai recycling.

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Seamless And Hassle-Free Recycling Process

Catalytic Converter Recycling Models | Competitive Price List and More to Meet Our Customers’ Growth Needs

As every customer’s needs are unique, we proactively develop and customise our services to better serve them. Hence, we are offering 2 unique catalytic converter (skubai) recycling models to meet the specific growth needs of different customers



Instead of mining, the process of extracting precious metals such as palladium, platinum, and rhodium from precious metals laden scrap is a much eco-friendlier method. Generally, how much palladium, rhodium or platinum is in a catalytic converter? Averaging at about 2-7 grams per unit, palladium has a higher tolerance than most metals, including platinum. Base metals such as nickel, copper, iron, and manganese have the composition necessary to function as catalysts in exhaust systems. However, as these metals corrode too fast, palladium is a much more common metal used.



In our recycling models, the sampling and analysis of catalytic converters (skubai) are performed at our own facilities and state-of-the-art laboratory with the strictest attention to accuracy, transparency, and fast turnaround. We also offer value-added services like technical support, financial assistance, and hedging of metals to minimise the risk of price fluctuations. This helps our customers to improve their cash flow and increase their buying capacity. When you recycle your catalytic converter (skubai) scraps with BR Metals, our goal is to maximise your profitability at the lowest cost possible.

Open Book

We have also created an online catalogue of over 14,000 individual catalytic converters (skubai) with live metal prices, detailed images, makes, models, markings, weights of monoliths and PGM concentration so that purchasing team can have the latest precise information at their fingertips. To enquire more, contact us today.