Do you know that precious metals such as gold, palladium and silver can be safely and sustainably recovered from electronic waste? UN reported at least USD10bn worth of gold, palladium and other precious metals in waste are dumped every year.

Let us turn your electronic waste into valuable resources

We can help you uncover the hidden true value in your e-scapes while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and minimum environmental impact. From separation, homogenization, through to sampling, and value assessment, we have the expertise and technology to add value at every step of the way.

Our recycling and refining service covers these scrap materials:

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Electronic Control Units are embedded systems that control one or more of the electronic system or subsystems in a motor vehicle. We recycle the semi-conductors and electrical drivers in the ECUs for both base and precious metals.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

With the expansion of our toll refining business, BR Metals Exchange, a wholly owned subsidiary of BR Metals was set up in 2018 to take advantage of growth opportunities in precious metals trading and Singapore’s strategic position as a major hub for precious metals trading and investment.