Do you know that precious metals such as gold, palladium and silver can be safely and sustainably recovered from electronic waste? UN reported at least USD10bn worth of gold, palladium and other precious metals in waste are dumped every year. With ever changing technologies and greater spending power, this figure is expected to increase as the world continues to generate more e-waste.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution

More than the potentially lucrative returns, e-waste recycling protects the environment through proper handling and management of toxic chemical substances like mercury, lead and cadmium contained in the e-waste stream while conserving finite resources like base and precious metals to be used again for new products rather than extracting diminishing raw materials from the earth.

In addition, recycling end-of-life electronics reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollution as well as saves unnecessary dumps and landfills.

Let us turn your electronic waste into valuable resources

In line with our commitment to sustainable recycling and recovery of earth’s renewable resources, our e-waste recycling service can help you recover the hidden value of your e-waste while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and minimum environmental impact at every step of the way.

We can help you recycle and recover precious metals from the following unwanted ICT equipment:

There are the items we do not recycle:

Collection, Destruction & Recycling

We provide one-stop on-site collection and destruction service for data, ICT equipment and hard drives. For your complete peace of mind, Certificate of Destruction (COD) will be issued upon the complete destruction of all unwanted computers and ICT equipment. We also provide fuss-free disposal service for ICT equipment and selected e-waste according to customer’s IT audit policies.

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Onsite Assessment

Value Recovery & Settlement

For larger quantities of similar e-waste, we recommend our toll refining service whereby settlement is based on precise ICP-OES analysis performed in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Singapore. We also offer customised and flexible payment plans and hedging of the precious metals recovered. This option typically yields better returns.

Inbound Scraps
ICP-OES Analysis*
Refining & Recovery**
Hedging & Final Settlement

*Recycling process takes approx. 10 working days
**ICP-OES Analysis takes approx. 14 working days

  • Collecting, Destruction & Recycling
  • Value Recovery & Settlement
ServicesCollecting, Destruction & RecyclingValue Recovery & Settlement
Collection Services
Price AssesmentNA
Precious Metal AnalysisNA
Advanced PaymentNA
Final Payment/SettlementAfter on-site assesmentFixing precious metal price with subsequent pay out
Precious Metals ManagementNA

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