Laboratory Technician (Fire Assay – Gold Recovery) – Malaysia

Laboratory Technician (Fire Assay – Gold Recovery) – Malaysia


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Roles & Responsibilities

Reporting to the Lab Manager/ Senior Chemist, the Laboratory Technician (Fire Assay) will assist with the day-to-day running of the laboratory for precious metals analysis. This position is based in Johor, Malaysia. 

Job Duties:


  • Receive and label all samples brought into the lab for accountability
  • Prepare samples from drying, crushing, splitting and pulverising
  • Mix fluxing reagents and load samples in furnace for the fire assay
  • Mix reagents for acid digestions.
  • Perform fire assay techniques such as fluxing, fusing and cupellation of samples in correct numerical order
  • Perform smelting and sample extraction of precious metals as and when required


Compliance with Safety Protocols and Local Regulations

  • Assist with the application and maintenance of all necessary governmental licenses related to the laboratory. (Eg: DoE, DOSH, BOMBA, Poison Act etc.)
  • Promote and implement workplace safety initiatives
  • Ensure and maintain proper sample disposal of cupels, fire assay lead wastes or water generated as a part of daily work performed in a safe manner and in compliance with the disposal regulations and requirements
  • Respond appropriately and immediately to emergency situations and assists other employees in maintaining readiness to respond to emergencies within the workplace


Set up Fire Assay Laboratory

  • Assist with the set-up of laboratory, prepare the SOPs for Fire Assay techniques


Measurement and Calibration

  • Monitor analytical processes and taking remedial action where to prevent deviations / discrepancies from affecting the quality of analytical results
  • Report any apparatus or equipment that is not functioning correctly to the Lab Manager


Perform Laboratory Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Testing of precious metals scraps through cupellation method (fire assaying).
  • Evaluate, validate, ensure and report technical accuracy of reporting analytical results
  • Monitor analytical processes and take remedial actions to address deviations / discrepancies that would affect the quality of analytical results
  • Re-analyse samples when control results are not within the acceptable range


Quality Control

  • Inspect all samples, fusions, lead buttons and prills to ensure the assaying method is correct
  • Maintain proper records and accountability of materials (samples and standards) and equipment used


Maintain and troubleshoot equipment

  • Report any apparatus or equipment that is not functioning correctly to the Lab manager
  • Procurement and placement of all consumables, equipment and fixtures
  • Assist in the general / preventive maintenance of equipment and housekeeping of the laboratory
  • Maintain and record equipment faults
  • Improve/ troubleshoot analysis methods


Laboratory Housekeeping

  • Ensure and maintain work areas and equipment are clean, tidy and organised


Manpower Planning

  • Assist with overtime planning in consultation with the Lab Manager
  • Assist with control and time keeping administration
  • Maintain productivity and turnaround time


Job Requirements

  • Minimum Diploma qualification in Chemistry or its related fields
  • At least 3 years’ experience as a Fire Assayer
  • Well versed in the analytical processes in Fire Assay and the analysis process
  • Possess proven problem-solving skills
  • Experienced in selecting and setting up of equipment and processes to recover precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium is an advantage
  • Experience and the ability to operate ICP / XRF will be favourably considered
  • Must be willing to work overtime whenever necessary
  • Practical knowledge in safe handling of industrial chemicals

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