Lab Manager

  • Permanent, Full Time
    • Manager

    Roles & Responsibilities

    Reports To:
    Managing Director

    The lab manager manages the laboratory daily operations and analyzing of the electronic waste and spent catalytic converters waste content using scientific ways and any other duties related to the role.

    • Managing the Singapore laboratory team operations to ensure accuracy and timely release of analytical results.
    • Monitoring the safety compliance of all lab consumables, equipment and fixtures.
    • Responsible for all analytical & lab equipment.
    • Manage XRF & ICP-OES and its preventive maintenance and calibration schedule.
    • Troubleshooting of XRF, ICP-OES and any other lab-related equipment.
    • New Research and development of analytical, extraction and recovery methods and procedures for all the precious group metals related to the business.
    • Monitor and review the department’s operational budget on a monthly to quarterly basis.
    • Report the operational budget to the CFO monthly and quarterly.
    • Work with the business team and other team members to support the development of capability and skill set to perform sample analysis of Precious Metals and Base Metals and determine the most efficient recovery strategy.
    • Provide analysis data for the Engineering team to fine-tune the process and sampling system.
    • Work with external bodies including but not limited to      universities and accreditation bodies for empirical publications and developing of industrial standards.
    • Sampling process for E-waste and other precious metals.
    • Ensure sustainable productivity and quality improvement in lab operations.
    • Review lab risk assessment and maintain good lab related housekeeping.
    • Any other related duties.

    Secondary Job Duties

    • Involved in the recruitment (Interviewing) & retention of Lab staff and their skills upgrading.
    • Oversee related licenses applications.
    • Training and guiding of interns and trainees.
    • Any other duties related to the role.

    Job Requirements

    • At least Bachelor Degree in Chemistry or any other equivalent qualifications.
    • Minimum 6 years of working experience in the related field.
    • 2 years’ exp in handling XRF analytical equipment, experience with ICP analysis will be advantageous.
    • Experience in ISO renewals will be an added advantage.
    • Requires communication with our Chinese counterparts for information sharing.