Chemist/ Lab Manager (Malaysia)

  • Permanent, Full Time
    • Manager

    Roles & Responsibilities

    Reports to Managing Director

    Job Overview

    The Chemist manages the laboratory daily operations and analyzing of the precious metals content using scientific ways and any other duties related to the role including:

    • Drive the identification of testing and analytical methodologies for the testing and refining of base and precious metals from electronic waste, jewelries and other precious metals laden scraps;
    • Development of company’s Standard Operating Procedures for the testing and analysis;
    • Procurement of equipment required to carry out the above work;
    • Preparing and maintaining budget for the procurement of consumables;
    • Preparation and testing of precious metals laden samples from spent auto catalysts, electronic waste, gold refining, etc;
    • General maintenance of equipment and housekeeping of the laboratory;
    • Monitoring the safety compliance of all lab consumables, equipment, and fixtures;
    • Managing all the portable X-Ray devices including but not limited to the equipment maintenance log.
    • Work with the Guangzhou laboratory and other teams’ member to perform analysis works on Precious and Platinum Group Metals found in electronic scrap, spent auto catalyst and other related materials using machines like ICP-OES and XRF and other lab equipment;
    • Ensure that the differences in analysis are within an analytical tolerance;
    • Providing support to develop a solution plan to enhance the sampling analysis and extraction process for precious metals;
    • Work with the business team and other team members to support the development of capability and skill set to perform sample analysis of Precious Metals and Base Metals and determine the most profitable recovery strategy;
    • Provide analysis data for the Engineering team to fine tune the process and sampling system’;
    • Identify and evaluate new analysis methods sampling process for precious metals;

    Primary Job Duties

    • Assist in monitoring & reviewing of the department monthly and quarterly operational budget and report to the CFO;
    • Application and management of related licenses required for the lab consumables, equipment & fixtures;
    • Lab documentations administration ISO administration and renewal;
    • Assist in the recruitment of Lab Staff (interviewing);
    • Assist in training and guiding of interns and trainees

    Secondary Job Duties

    • Any other duties related to the role.

    Job Requirements

    • Must have experience in setting up and overseeing up XRF Testing lab including the license application from the relevant authorities, setting up of equipment and processes to recover precious metals recovery including gold, silver, platinum, palladium. Experience in the recovery of rhodium will be an added advantage.
    • At least Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or any other equivalent qualifications
    • Minimum 4 years of working experience in the related field especially in electronic waste precious metals analysis.
    • 2 years’ experience handling XRF analytical will be advantageous
    • Experience in ISO renewal will be an added advantage
    • – Must be able to converse and read well in English and Chinese as our main operations and Head Chemist are based in Guangzhou China.


    To Be Advised