Associate Engineer (Malaysia)

  • Malaysia
  • Permanent, Full Time
    • Fresh/entry level

    Roles & Responsibilities

    Reports To
    General Manager (Singapore) and Chief Engineer (China)

    Job Overview
    The Associate Engineer will be in-charge of the machines and facilities modifications and maintenance management.

     Job Duties


    • Officefacilities & equipment maintenance to reduce equipment down-time to a bare minimum.
    • Officefacilities & equipment
    • Officefacilities & equipment
    • Office facilities & equipment modification which includes automationand upgrades to increase production
    • Designand customization of machineries and its related
    • Developequipment usage guides and processes and ensure that workers abide by the rules.
    • Schedulingof office facilities & equipment
    • Co-ordinate with vendors and overseas colleagues to ensuretimely delivery of designs and replacement
    • Reportingof maintenance outcome to the


    • Developsafety policies and practices in compliance to the rules and regulations set forth by statutory boards of
    • Implementsafety policies and practices to improve the working environment on the production floor.
    • Trainingof workers on safety usage of equipment, PPEs and safety guidelines in the factory.
    • Ensurethat workers are in compliance with the safety rules and guidelines.
    • Hygienechecks on factory working
    • Assistin review and plan factory lay-out
    • Inventory management for machine spare parts and consumable inventory (for staff use).


    Secondary Job Duties

    Facilities & Safety Management

    • Supportin Company including factory, lab and office facilities repair and maintenance.
    • BizSafe and ISO 9001 management: Ensure that all guidelinesand requirements are met and renewal of the
    • FireSafety

    Sampling & Analysis

    • Assistin screening of precious metals sample in in the auto
    • Assist to prepare and check sample export volume accuracy.


    Job Requirements

    • Atleast Diploma in Engineering or any equivalent
    • Workingexperience of at least 2 years in related
    • Mechanicalknowledge including mechanical
    • Experiencein using software such as AutoCad, Solidworks and any other related software.
    • Hands-onexperience including but not limited to equipment installation, dismantling & modifications.
    • Able to communicate and write with both English & Mandarin.