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Going Beyond Catalytic Converters for Platinum Recycling

Platinum (Pt) is a finite precious resource critical to a plethora of industries including the auto industry for the manufacturing of catalytic converters as well as medical, high technology, manufacturing and of course, the jewellery industries. Despite fluid supply and demand outlook and price volatility this year, Platinum is still in high global demand with


Highlights of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) Price Forecast 2022

Since August 2021, Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) prices have been on a downward trend. One does not need a market expert to point out that the current bear market is brought about by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which not only dampens global production and sale of new automobiles but also adversely affects international trade with widespread


Gold Recovery for Everyday Items

Gold is one of the rarest and most valuable metals in the Earth’s crust. Most of the world’s supply is mined, but recycling has been gaining momentum in an age of mounting environmental concerns and heightened price volatility. Now, let’s look at the different sources of gold scraps and how we can recycle the world’s


XRF Or ICP – Which Analysis Method is Best to Find Out the Value of My Catalytic Converters

XRF (X-ray fluorescence) and ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) analysis are two widely used and accepted methods for the analysis of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) in catalytic converters. As PGM prices become increasingly volatile and competition for spent catalytic converters intensifies, recycling companies that provide the most precise and transparent analysis of these precious metals will


Would the new tri-metal catalytic converter innovation raise Platinum prices?

Here’s BASF’s new innovation for catalytic converter industry: BASF, a 156-year-old German Giant in chemicals, consumer and industrial solutions, announced in March 2020 their invention of tri-metal catalytic converter. It is reported that the approach would likely substitute between 20% and 50% of the high-valued palladium currently used with lower-valued platinum. This invention is applicable for light-duty


How Spent Catalytic Converters are Valued?

One of the most frequently asked questions by spent catalytic converters sellers is: how does a catalytic converter recycling company value the scrap materials it receives from them and other suppliers (like scrapyards and auto mechanic shops) and know what price would be a fair market price to pay. Every company has its own unique


Uber For Recycling: What Is It And Will It Take Off?

Even though Uber has bowed out of Singapore and most of Southeast Asia, its name remains as a generic trademark for hassle-free ride-sharing that revolutionized the way we travel, made possible by smart phones.  What if we could do the same with recycling? What if we could, with a few taps on our phones, have someone


Pulling Fuel Out of Thin Air … With Rhodium

We’ve covered Platinum and Palladium extensively in our previous posts, so it’s time we move on to another Platinum Group Metals (PGM) that is commonly found in spent catalytic converters and industrial catalysts – Rhodium. Although it is lesser known than Platinum and Palladium, Rhodium is more expensive per ounce at the moment due steady industrial demand and dwindling


The Mystery of How USD 22 Billion Worth of Gold Ended in the Dump

The Mystery of How USD 22 Billion Worth of Gold Ended in the Dump In the last two articles, we delved into the various emerging as well as tried and tested applications of Platinum and Palladium. Today, we will cover everyone’s favourite precious metal, Gold, and touch on the possibility of a new gold rush that would take