As a leader in platinum group metals recovery, BR Metals strives to set high standards as a trusted partner and environmental vanguard that provides responsive services whilst observing all environmental, health and safety regulations.

How Will the Diesel Ban Affect Platinum Prices?

More than 14 countries and over 20 cities around the world are planning to ban the sale of passenger vehicles (primarily cars and buses) powered by fossil fuels such as petrol, liquefied petroleum gas and diesel to varying degrees by 2040. Reasons to ban further sale of fossil fuel vehicles include reducing health risks from


Are Electric Vehicles Really Better For The Environment?

The release of the Tesla Singapore sales portal has sparked a topic of conversation around Electric Vehicles (EV). Singapore has announced the phasing out of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles in favour of EV’s in an effort to tackle climate change and build a more eco-friendly city. While EV’s do not produce direct carbon emissions,


BR Metals Wins Third Ranking in Singapore’s Enterprise 50 Awards 2021

BR Metals, a leading specialist in precious metals recycling, achieved top 3 ranking in this year’s Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards. It was the Company’s very first attempt at the prestigious E50 awards that recognise the top 50 Singapore-based, privately-held businesses that have contributed to building a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive nation through continuous innovation,


Will Palladium prices hold up with the world’s biggest Palladium producer back in business?

Nornickel, the world’s largest producer of palladium and high-grade nickel, resumed some of its critical operations earlier this month after undergoing repair works to improve the safety of its facilities. The 86-year-old Nornickel boasts a whopping 41% share of world’s palladium mining production at 2,868,000 troy ounces. This figure is the highest since 2009. Now, with the mid- to long-term increment in palladium production


Would the new tri-metal catalytic converter innovation raise Platinum prices?

Here’s BASF’s new innovation for catalytic converter industry: BASF, a 156-year-old German Giant in chemicals, consumer and industrial solutions, announced in March 2020 their invention of tri-metal catalytic converter. It is reported that the approach would likely substitute between 20% and 50% of the high-valued palladium currently used with lower-valued platinum. This invention is applicable for light-duty


Another New Patent for Our Spent Catalytic Converter Bulk Sampling System!

As Asia’s leading specialist in Platinum Group Metals recovery, BR Metals is committed to improving catalytic converter recycling and processing techniques for the best possible business outcome and returns for our customers.  As our of this ongoing commitment, the research and engineering team of Shao Guan BR Metals Environmental Technology has developed an automated bulk


New Patent Granted for Automated Vacuum Sorting and Transport System

In our quest to become a leading player in environmental technology, Shao Guan BR Metals Environmental Technology has achieved a significant milestone with our first patent granted by the CNIPA (National Intellectual Property Administration) of the People’s Republic of China. The patent is for a vacuum conveying device that automatically removes waste ferrous particles from


How Spent Catalytic Converters are Valued?

One of the most frequently asked questions by spent catalytic converters sellers is: how does a catalytic converter recycling company value the scrap materials it receives from them and other suppliers (like scrapyards and auto mechanic shops) and know what price would be a fair market price to pay. Every company has its own unique