Recycling Models


On-Site Purchase

For clients who expect quick, hassle-free service, our team of collectors will visit their specified location to grade and/ or sample their materials. A preliminary analysis can be done on the spot with our portable analytical instrument. Prices will be negotiated and payment made thereafter. Our team will arrange for the transportation of materials back to our facility.

On site purchase, quick payment, one-stop, convenient service.


Purchase Upon Analysis

We provide preliminary sampling and analysis of our clients’ materials based on the most stringent international standards. Upon the final analysis, a settlement will be made based on the current price of metals recovered.

Faster payment based on the amount of precious metals recovered by BR Metals.


Refining & Recovery

We can help with the preliminary sampling and analysis of clients’ materials. Upon the final analysis by the refinery, they will receive a settlement based on the current price of metals recovered.

Higher rates of return. Payment based on the actual amount of recovered precious metals by refinery.