Uber For Recycling: What Is It And Will It Take Off?


The rise of on-demand waste management services has made it possible for users to schedule a pick-up of their recyclable waste at a convenient time with just a few taps on their smartphone. Will this new development disrupt and redefine the waste management industry the way Uber did with the ride-hailing industry? How will it impact the precious metals recycling industry?


Fueling Hope for the Platinum Industry: Will Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles Drive Platinum & Palladium Demand?


As more countries  – including China, the world’s largest auto market – are setting in motion plans to phase out the production and sale gasoline and diesel cars, the development of fuel cell technology and hydrogen-powered vehicles take on a renewed urgency for the Platinum industry. Given the falling prices of PGMs, can FC technology fuel new hope for recyclers too? 


Pulling Fuel Out of Thin Air … With Rhodium


Rhodium is used as catalysts in a potentially game-changing technique to convert methane into a usable fuel such as methanol. This new method is cheaper and more efficient to implement and has huge potential to raise demand and prices of Rhodium.


The Mystery of How USD 22 Billion Worth of Gold Ended in the Dump


Over USD 22 billion worth of gold in e-waste was thrown away in 2016. The amount of gold, if recovered would have met 12.5% of its global demand in 2017. As volumes of electronic trash continue to grow around the world, recycling e-waste is set for exponential growth. 




Does Platinum Have a Future with the Rise of Electric Vehicles


What will the future hold for platinum with the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) since over 40% of the metal is used in the manufacturing of automotive catalytic converters, which will n be required in EVs? Read on to find out. 


Palladium Can Now Be Literally Be Stored On Your Hard Disk


Researchers have derived a high-speed, high-capacity storage technology using palladium. Read on to find out whether data storage can prop up palladium demand and prices in the mid to long term.


Find A Treasure Trove Of Precious Metals... In Your Car


Cars serve as excellent minefield for platinum and other precious metals, which can be recycled and returned to the supply chain. Learn where you can find them in your car today.


Why Online Scrap Catalytic Converter Price Catalogues Can Be Misleading


Scrap catalytic converter prices are based on the daily precious metal prices. So is the online price catalogue as transparent and up-to-date as some buyers led you to believe? Read on to reach your own conclusion.  




Recover Platinum & Other Precious Metals from Your Junked Car


Find out how to recycle and recover platinum and platinum group metals from junked vehicles, and how to get the true value for your catalytic converter scrap with BR Metals. 






Get The Right Price For Your Catalytic Converters With the Right Sampling Equipment


Working with a buyer that has the right assaying equipment and expertise ensures you get the best price for your scrap catalytic converters. BR Metals has custom-calibrated our XRFs to analyse your materials to achieve up to 99% accuracy.


Will The Rise of Electric Vehicles Mark the End of Catalytic Converter Recycling?


Electrification will inevitably leave a negative impact on Platinum Group Metal prices and demand. Find out what catalytic converter recyclers can do to prepare for the future economy.


When Waste Processing Meets Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is changing the way waste-management business is done. Check out what it means to your e-scrap recycling business with exciting opportunities… and pitfalls abound.